Burley Park, Wollert


Burley Park townhomes are located in a perfect spot - fronting a never to be built out nature reserve and close to the future town centre and shops in the fast growing suburb of Wollert.

Take advantage of the significant government grants on offer for these fixed price and complete turn-key four bedroom homes which are perfect for first home buyers.

Save up to $25,000 off the marked price!

Terms and Conditions apply - enquire today to find out more.

  • Lot 4
    4 2 2
    $539,900 Lot 4 Towbridge Drive, Wollert
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  • SOLD
    Lot 5
    4 2 2
    $499,900 Lot 5 Towbridge Drive, Wollert
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  • Lot 6
    4 2 2
    $499,900 Lot 6Towbridge Drive, Wollert
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