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The Nostra Site Costs Guarantee promotion is valid from Monday September 3rd 2018 until 5pm AEDST Sunday November 4th 2018. In order to be eligible clients must pay an initial $3,000 deposit by the promotion end date on a Nostra home design, eligible designs can be found at https://nostrahomes.com.au/home_designs.php. The site costs guarantee is applicable to lots located within the Nostra Melbourne Greenfields build zone only (Knockdown & Rebuild, vacant lots in established areas and where a house is constructed either side of a lot in our Greenfield build zone are excluded) and for lots up to 650m2. Lots require a minimum of 1 metre clearance and cannot exceed to more than 2 sides or contain a service pit. Lots which qualify for this promotion can be titled or untitled at the time of sale. The site costs guarantee includes the following site costs only: Includes up to a P class site, Applicable to lots with up to 1 meter of fall only over the building area including 500mm of cut and 500mm of fill (Clients to provide a Level 1 compaction report where available), Limited to footings and earthworks only (Rock removal included but excludes any blasting or breaking), Standard service connection run-ins as per Nostra standard inclusions (Found under 'Connections') This promotion does not include: Retaining walls, OHS or council related costs, Any other site costs relevant to a nominated lot which are not listed herein or are required in addition to items listed herein, Homes that are extended beyond their standard footprint, unless approved by Nostra head office. If items that are not included apply, these will be priced in addition to the promotion at the retail price. Each sales cost guarantee is subject to Nostra sales acceptance by head office and can be rejected at Nostra discretion. Builder's preferred siting applies. Nostra Homes and Developments Pty Ltd.


The Nostra Homes Don't Wait For Great promotion is valid for clients who have titled land only at the time of initial deposit. Clients will be required to provide evidence of land title at the point of sale and this evidence must be incorporated into the job file submitted to the Nostra Homes office for the offer to be accepted. In order to be eligible for this offer client's with titled land must pay an initial $3,000 deposit on an included Nostra Homes floorplan design, eligible designs can be found at Home Designs

This offer is valid from Saturday the 24th of March 2018 and Nostra Homes reserves the right to end this offer at any time and without any notice. This offer is limited to 12 new initial deposits per month only. The $12,000 reduction in price will be applied to the final quoted price on the client chosen home design. The $12,000 price reduction cannot be substituted for any additional upgrades or items within the home. This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other Nostra Homes promotion. Nostra Homes is providing a 12 week guaranteed site start as part of this offer. The 12 week guaranteed site start is defined as Nostra Homes obtaining a building permit within 12 weeks of the initial deposit being received by Nostra Homes. As per the HIA contract Nostra Homes will commence construction within 21 days of the building permit being received. In order for a 12 week guaranteed site start to apply no structural changes are allowed as part of this offer and clients must be available to sign building contracts and complete a colour selection appointment within the timeframe nominated by Nostra Homes. Should these key milestones not be achieved due to client requested changes and/or the lack of client availability for colour appointments and contract signing the 12 week site start guarantee will not be applicable to this offer. Nostra Homes and Developments Pty Ltd.


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