Why Nostra?

Your home, Our purpose.

The Nostra name translates to 'our'.
We build homes that we are proud to call home.

1.  Our Inclusions

We have an enviable list of anything but standard inclusions that other builders call upgrades, giving you a higher quality from the start.

  • 900mm SMEG appliances 
  • Automated GO SMART LED downlights
  • Double glazed windows to all double storey homes
  • 20mm stone to bathroom and ensuite
  • Stone waterfall end to kitchen
  • Recessed rails to your kitchen cabinetry
  • Brick infills above all windows and garage door
  • Plus much more – click here to see more of our anything but standard inclusions 

3.  Our service

We pride ourselves on keeping our clients informed through our experienced and dedicated customer service team.

  • 24/7 client portal for around the clock access to information relevant to your new home build
  • 24/7 Emergency Home Assist for the first 12 months after you move in
  • Our service is backed by strong referral business and a 4.7 rating on Product Review. Click here for product review 

2.  Our construction

Strength and stability are at the core of what is important in the homes that we build, so we go above and beyond industry standard in construction.

  • Stronger foundations via a 400mm high slab with 25mpa concrete
  • More timber in our frames through 450mm spacing throughout using MGP10 pine
  • Plus a 25 year structural warranty for further piece of mind - terms and conditions.

4.  Our flexibility

We allow a level of customisation to our home designs, giving you the flexibility and freedom to tailor the design until it is right for you.


Send us your details, whether you're ready to build your dream home or have a few questions, we can help!

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Anything but standard.