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Standard Inclusions Flooring


8th November 2018

At Nostra Homes we have recently made a number of positive changes to our already high level of standard inclusions. These changes have taken our offer to a whole new level and have really ensured that our standard inclusions are anything but standard.

Over the coming weeks we will profile a key item within our standard inclusions as part of this blog, this will show you exactly why you should consider Nostra Homes as your builder of choice for your new home.

For our first anything but standard showcase what better place to start than from the ground up, with the flooring!

At Nostra Homes we have always offered a selection of carpet and 450x450 ceramic floor tiles as standard within our range. While many of our competitors include no flooring at all as standard (or if they do as a limited time promotion or offer) we have always believed that flooring needs to be standard all year round and included as part of your quoted price and as part our base price. After all nobody moves into a house without the floors included.

To improve our offer we have recently introduced timber look laminate flooring as a second flooring option to our standard inclusions. This offers our clients the ability to choose timber look laminate flooring and carpet or 450 x 450 ceramic tiles and carpet as their standard flooring option within their chosen inclusions.

Timber look laminate flooring provides a great aesthetic option for clients wanting to achieve that timber look within their home without the timber price tag. Over time timber look laminate flooring is easier to maintain and is also less likely to scratch than real timber. But of course if real timber floors or engineered timber floors are a consideration for you Nostra Homes can assist with pricing for these options in lieu of timber look laminate flooring.

There are a number of colours and styles that are on offer as part of our category 1 carpet, timber look laminate and ceramic tiles range which will give you the ability to achieve your desired look within your new home. As part of our Nostra Select showroom appointment you will be guided by our interior designer on how best to achieve your desired look from the wide range of options that are available.

We use high quality suppliers of flooring including Beaumont Tiles and Carpet Call for our standard flooring options so you can be confident in the products being used in your new Nostra Home.

For more information on our flooring options or to discuss our inclusions in more detail please contact us today via one of our online enquiry forms or on our office number 03 8331 3500.

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