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Build Australia: Partnership to promote gender diversity in construction

18th October 2023

Nostra Property Group has recently announced a new multi-year partnership deal with Melbourne City Football Club (MCFC), with the aim to break down the barriers of pre-existing entrenched narratives of women in construction and sports respectively.

The recent success of the Matilda’s has shown an incredible breakthrough in changing narratives to inspire women and young girls across the nation. Brands and fans alike are jumping on board to ensure women are being championed across every industry.

With an aligned vision of promoting inclusivity and diversity in male-dominated industries, Nostra and MCFC have teamed up to push back on narratives regarding sectors and professions that different genders can pursue.

Nostra Property Group has already showcased their efforts in bridging the gender gap, boasting a workforce of 36 per cent women.

According to the Women In Construction Strategy 2019-2022 actioned by the Victorian Government, women in construction only make up 2 per cent of the workers in Australian construction. The strategy has acknowledged that there are more women active in the Victorian labour market now in comparison to the past, however the industry is still resistant to change.

In partnership with SheForce, the first female-led recruitment and labour hire social enterprise in the construction industry, Nostra is working to provide meaningful employment opportunities to support women that may face employment barriers, encourage job security and support them as they navigate a career within the industry.

Nostra Property’s Managing Director and Founder Anthony Caruana said joining forces with MCFC has effectively elevated both brands’ efforts in empowering female representation, as these ideas of male-dominated careers inevitably exacerbate and create limitations to the already worsening skill shortages that the nation is facing.

“Partnering with the MCFC, especially its A-League Women’s team, was a no-brainer for us. Our visions and dedication to increased female presence in our respective industries aligned perfectly.

“The industry has seen a singular narrative and narrowed perspective for far too long – the industry needs to open its doors for more female talent, as greater diversity only makes our workplaces stronger and will benefit us all in the industry.

“The shared values of MCFC and Nostra, combined with our respective community engagement, signals an exciting opportunity for both parties to continue attracting and retaining equally-skilled female talents. We want to extend the opportunity in providing access to strong construction career pathways for female talents, and spread awareness that construction is an exciting and viable career option to explore,” Anthony said.

Article published online Build Australia

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