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Written by Nostra Last Updated 8th November 2018 You're thinking about building a new home, congrats! How can you make it comfortable and durable without it becoming a little rough around the edges? Kids will be kids as they say, and creating a curated stylish abode which caters the the messiest of humans is all about sticking to the right design principles. The Kitchen A wall mounted oven is the safest option when toddlers and on the move. As well as keep hot surfaces out of reach, it will save your bake in the long run! When designing the kitchen, a vast majority of Nostra's plans include island benches. These enable a two way walk-around, which directs traffic and flow - stopping the little ones from blocking or tripping you up during meal preparations. Bench materials like Quantam Quartz use a composite stone made from a mix of quartz and resin - difficult to dint, and hard wearing which is perfect for all the knocks and scratches of family life. If you have the luxury of integrating a butlers pantry, you can hide all the routine items like toasters, bread, kettle etc away after the mad rush that is the morning routine. The Living Area Home to the 3.5 billion toys your kids will accumulate, smart furniture that serves a dual purpose can help keep these toys packed away. Think a ottoman with hidden storage inside, or even some boxes in the tv unit for all those electronic games or books. Choose soft or rounded edged furniture that will soften the blow when knocked. A round coffee table, or cabinetry that extends wall to wall will save some bumps and bruises on your little ones. Kids are drawn to bright lights, colour and sound - a wall mounted TV will save any mishaps of little ones attempting to pull the TV off the unit or climbing to get a closer look. Choose rugs and lounges that can take a LOT of wear and tear and still emerge in tact. A rug with a low pile count will be easier to clean and won't harder nasty germs and left over food. Opting for leather rather than linen, will ensure those food stains wipe right off. Just ensure you adhere to the recommended cleaning procedures to guarantee the longevity of your furniture. The Bathroom Large format floor and wall tiles, minimise grout and dirt - saving your back and time! Using a dark grout in your bathroom is a godsend, it will minimise the amount of visible dirt and look cleaner for longer. Opt for a seperate shower and bath, the combos can be a hazard for kids and the elderly. Using a stone benchtop in your bathroom, means water spillage, toothpaste and moisture just wipes off. If you stick to the above points, you’ll be well on your way to creating a safe and stylish home for many years to come. It's all about planning for the future and making the right choices from the start. Visit our Nostra Select design studio and speak with our Interior Designer to discover more planning tips today!

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