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Home Minimalism Interior Design


29th April 2020

Simple doesn't have to be boring. Use materials with quality textures to create high end design appeal.

Elegance and simplicity are two inspirations for house décor that never date. Which means house owners can say goodbye to fussy trends. 

The tendency towards minimalism can go hand in hand with a house owner’s busy lifestyle. The ability to have a blank canvas which can be decorated with soft furnishings throughout the seasons, is flexible and exciting. Complex design may sometimes induce clutter in an already hectic lifestyle, where as raw functionality and clean visual aesthetic help to reinstate some aspects of calmness and order.

So how do you achieve this simple look? For a beginner it is best to start with white walls. For a building novice, a white base goes with everything, and you’ll never get tired of it, it’s also super simple to paint over if you decide to be a little more adventurous! Someone a little more advanced or wanting to take a greater risk can go a light grey or beige, however keeping light will help your home feel calm, bright and bigger.

Simplicity doesn’t have to mean boring and soulless! Clean lines, muted palettes and clever craftsmanship seem simple enough but put them all together, and you have a powerful combination. Grey tones can be streamlined, opulent and form a great base for added colour, whereas natural wood elements throughout a home lend a bit of natural charm to an otherwise urban interior. By investing in high quality materials and being smart with colour – you can have plain transcend to high end appeal. Investing in quality pieces of furniture add character to minimalist surroundings, start conversation and will last for years to come. These stand out pieces will also enable guests to appreciate the quality floor coverings, wall colour, joinery and architecture of the building.

If budget permits, stone is a great way to introduce quality and strength to a build. On a budget? Our Nostra Select showroom showcases a product called engineered stone which can be a more cost effective option to natural stone. Engineered stone is a man-made product that dates back to the late 1980’s. The main component in engineered stone is quartz which is one of nature’s strongest minerals. Gain luxury and warmth by pairing tempered metals, such as a clean copper, with marble or pastel hues with grey stone. Simplistic design paired with quality materials results in a balanced and clean environment.

There is a feeling of spaciousness and relaxed simplicity that comes with minimalism. As long as you implement quality materials, plan out your space and use pops of colour through soft furnishings you can benefit from an on trend home style with longevity. Best of all, less DIY which means you’ll keep that seasonal spruce up at bay!

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