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22nd April 2020

How to use bold accent tiles to transform a space

We tend to think that ultra-modern bathrooms can only wear white, white and nothing but white, but a great feature tile proves that a bold block of colour or pattern is just the thing to transform your bathroom space. Feature tiles create a stunning aesthetic in any room and are a great way to create interest in your new home.

Mosaic tiles are a perfect wall-to-wall option. They can cover not only flat surfaces, but curved areas like shelving or steps – not an inch is missed. Mosaics are one of the most popular choices for a feature look, laying as a block of colour on one wall or in a niche can create high visual impact.

Structured tiles have been seen across many reality TV renovations shows as of late. These tiles, like the name suggests, have a ‘structured’ or a three-dimensional effect on the surface. This could include waves, dimples or bumps, or any other 3-D shape. They are bold, and demand attention in a tangible interactive way. Just be careful not to over do it!

Glazed tiles come in every shade under the sun. Many tiles, such as ceramic and some porcelain tiles, have a glazed surface. The glaze is a layer of glass that protects the tile biscuit and makes it more slip resistant. A strong colour like an emerald green could bring a muted bathroom to life. Being smart about how the tile is laid can allow you to use bold colours and not overwhelm guests when they walk into your bathroom. Laying a tile like the emerald green in a subway-style effect can evoke a classic twist, ensuring your bathroom is timeless and doesn’t draw attention for all the wrong reasons.

Not a fan of the traditional small scale feature tile? A large format tile can be just as effective. Extending a tile used as flooring up one of the walls can result in a simple and free flowing space with great continuity.

Making bold statements can be as easy as changing the type of tile on one wall. Not only is this a safe bet, its also cost effective. Changing one wall or area will not make a huge dint in your budget and could allow you to treat yourself in other areas of the home. Do remember feature tiles are just one potential hero to have in your bathroom. Don't overdo it by adding a feature bath, feature fittings, feature lighting and so on as they’ll cancel each other out.

Accent tiles aren’t limited to wet areas, tiles can give beautiful, natural-looking focal points in the rooms inside the whole house. Areas like kitchen backsplashes, accent walls, and even fireplace mantles would benefit from a bold splash of colour. Creating an overstated feature in one area - the living room, bathroom or kitchen - is a sure way to impress guests. This has high visual impact, and allows you to incorporate new trends in the home without spending a fortune on a complete overhaul.

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