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World's first virtual display village.

30th September 2018

Villawood Properties unveiled the world’s first virtual display village on Friday at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI).

On Friday, the Minister for Planning, Richard Wynne and Seb Chan, Chief Experience Officer ACMI joined Villawood Properties Executive Director Rory Costelloe as they unveiled the world’s first virtual display village!

Users will be fully immersed as they explore a highly-realistic 3D computer-generated simulation of display homes within a landscaped street, replicating the vision for the Rathdowne community.

Villawood collaborated with five of the country’s most forward-thinking builders including Nostra Homes, to develop this innovative technology.

Nostra's General Manager, Travis McIver spoke about the time aspect of this future space, “A great aspect about a Virtual Display Village is the time difference in bringing the product to life for our clients to experience.” He noted “Typically our displays take approximately six months to complete construction once land is ready to build on. With VR bringing our display to life removes this timeframe and clients can experience our new displays/designs sooner than ever.”

Mr McIver stated,“Nostra Homes jumped at the opportunity to partner in this market first space for our industry with Villawood. Our business represents “anything but standard” and this technology/experience is exactly that!”

The virtual reality display village will be available exclusively at Rathdowne Wollert from April 14. Visit here for more information or to register your interest.

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