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Nostra Notes Design Tips Bedroom


8th November 2018 When you first build a home, the big reveal to your family and friends is an exciting time. This is why the thoughtful touches to a guest bedroom become very important and can play a large role in the personalisation of a space and the enjoyment of your guests. Clean towels, scattered books and magazines, and fresh flowers are the finer details that can make all the difference. Here are some simple areas to focus your efforts post handover: Bedside Tables Serving as a place for your guests to put their necessities like phones, glasses, or a book, bedside tables are a practical piece of bedroom furniture. Do note though, they should also complement the room as a whole – and be in keeping with your own personal style. If you aren’t able to splurge on the latest ‘in thing’ or your budget doesn’t allow the freedom for a new and costly bedside table, then why not repurpose an old chair, use a mini stool, or even stack some stylish storage boxes to create inexpensive alternatives. The Necessities Everyone loves a home away from home, and bathroom products are always high on the agenda of making one’s space welcoming, clean and user friendly. There’s nothing worse than a guest forgetting their toothbrush or deodorant, so making an essentials pack will go a long way. Everyone forgets to pack at least one thing when they travel. Cover their bases by stocking dresser drawers with a few travel-size essentials. Love Your Linen Lush, soft furnishings give a hotel like quality to a guest space. Providing fresh linens and blankets is an added personal touch. Use a deep basket to stash guest towels, a robe and extra blankets. Place it on the bed or in plain sight, so guests have everything they need to freshen up on arrival. Add Bedside Lighting Task lighting, like a desk light, allows guests to enjoy a good book or catch up on email without disturbing the rest of the house. Not only does bedside lighting add another styling opportunity, it also helps set the mood. Note, it’s a good idea to choose lighting that won’t take up too much space on the bedside table. Some other affordable lighting substitutes which also don’t require any real estate on the bedside table include a statement floor lamp or a clever clamp lamp which can be fastened onto the bed head. Bring Nature Indoors with Fresh Flowers Fresh flowers are a must but creating an arrangement doesn't have to be difficult. Pick up a few bunches at the local supermarket or local florist, snip the ends then place them in a vase. Leafy foliage is an easy style to create, eucalyptus leaves, magnolia leaves or a single hydrangea lend themselves to fuss-free arrangements. Encourage a Good Read Stock bedside tables with current magazines or books that are a quick read. Literary-minded guests will appreciate the chance to wind down at the end of the day, and others will appreciate the option. An Alternative Closet If like many households, your built-in robes are on the full side sometimes allowing guests to hang their clothes amongst your clutter just isn’t an option. Freestanding clothes racks and hanging rails are not only functional, they also add an interesting design element to a room. Another option is a small chest of drawers which offers ample storage for guests’ clothes and hooks can be secured to the back of the bedroom door in case hanging space is required. Keep fixtures and fittings to a minimum or the room will look cluttered, if its a small room to begin with then maybe consider using mirrors to make it appear bigger. It’s the small things that your guests will really notice! By implementing a few of these suggestions you’re well on your way to creating a humble retreat for your visitors for many years to come.

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