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Nostra Notes Bathroom Design Tips


8th November 2018 If you think about it, the bathroom is one of the hardest working spaces in your home. It’s required to perform a number of functions in more often than not, quite a small footprint. Nostra aims to design your bathroom so storage is ample and usability on point. There are ways however, that you can improve your exisiting space without the need of a full on renovation. Storage in any home is extremely valuable, and therefore how you manage this space is of utmost importance. The bathroom is a hub used by all family members on a daily basis, so versatile storage options are a must for keeping everything organised. Mirrored cabinets perform a dual function by acting as a mirror, with hidden storage within. They come in a variety of shapes and styles and free up space elsewhere in the bathroom. Make the most of your wall space, by adding wall mounted towel rails, which keep your towels in one place and takes advantage of an otherwise unused vertical wall space. Swivel towel rails are also available, and can allow easier access for those awkward spaces. Accessories are a cheap way to improve storage in your wet areas. Wall mounted shelving or stools/ baskets also help your bench space remain clutter free and accessible. Open wall mounted shelving, is becoming more prominent in modern bathrooms, you can mount these shelves or box shelves higher on the wall to store towels and hang some greenery. Remember to think about your drawers also, a simple drawer divider is an invaluable way to improve the order of your cupboard items. In you are still at the design stage of your new home, in-wall niches are a stylish and simply practical approach to gaining extra shelving in the bath or shower area. They remove the trip hazards of hygiene products being on the floor and the need for bulky plastic soap dishes. You can get even more out of a new home, by using dead space and building storage into the walls of your bathroom with recessed shelving or cupboards. It’s all about finding ways to maximise the space we do have. Smart storage solutions are not only practical, they can add to the perceived value of your home. Visit our Nostra Select design studio and speak with our Interior Designer to discover more ways of improving space in your home today!

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