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Standard Inclusions Smart Technology Home Automation


8th November 2018 A focus on functionality, designed for living. The Smart Living concept has been sweeping the nation, across many innovative companies. We have seen smart cars on the sustainable front, smart eating and exercise on the health front, and now smart homes on the technology front. At Nostra Homes we are always looking to the future, and we are dedicated to improving the way we live indoors. Introducing smart living at Nostra Homes – an inclusion which sees automated lighting* included as standard across our home design range. In terms of convenience, this standard inclusion is unrivalled. GoSmart lighting allows you as the home owner to control lighting functions easily via the Smart Remote when home and via the smart phone app when away. Imagine being on holidays and having the ability to turn your lights on and off at intervals – a feature with major security benefits. Family life can be hectic at the best of times, get peace of mind when you leave the house with the ability to turn all lights off at once as you leave the home. If you get into bed and realise you’ve left the kitchen light on, rest assured you can do it from your phone. Never wake up in the dark, set your living lights to turn on at 50% or 100% in the morning so you can wake up and get ready at your own pace. Are you an entertainer? Adjust the lighting brightness down to relax and unwind or adjust the room ambience from cool to warm. Lighting Settings are adjustable to suit your day to night living style. The styles included in your GoSmart home include: cool and bright, warm and welcoming, daylight and active, dimmed and relaxed. This mood lighting is great for younger families too, you can use the light automation to create daily routines for your home. Set up the living room to create bedtime signals for the kids – the lights can dim automatically before bedtime. Dimmed and relaxed lighting allows for everyone to settle down and creates a more tranquil mood. The ability to dim your lights without dimmer switches is an added benefit, if you’re sitting on the sofa and light is glaring in your eye you can simply dim it or turn it off from your phone. With GoSmart lighting you have the complete control to create your own lighting groups at any time and set lighting schedules to turn lights on and off automatically. That transition between daylight and night, where you’re often running around turning on all the lights before dinner – forget it! With lighting schedules you can set the lights to turn on 15 mins before sunset ensuring you can get on with the more important things, like what’s for dinner! You can even extend your home automation solution to control air conditioning and other devices, an inclusion that can be built upon and expanded adds future value to your home. At Nostra Homes we pride ourselves on offering a high level of inclusions as standard in our range of designs. Smart living is future proofing your home. We are building for the future, inclusions that are normally considered upgrades are included as standard in your home. This further improved quality on already superior internal finishes, ensures a home that will stand the test of time. Nostra Homes believes in quality, in all aspects of our process and it starts with our inclusions - we build homes that we are proud to call home ourselves. For more information on our inclusions or to discuss our inclusions in more detail please contact us today via one of our online enquiry forms or on our office number 03 8331 3500. *Note: Automated GoSmart lighting is applicable to all standard LED Downlights to living, hallway and kitchen living areas (as per standard plan).

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