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Standard Inclusions Frame Stage Timber Construction


8th November 2018 What is the Nostra Framing Difference? More Timber Our method of 450mm stud wall spacing throughout the entire frame results in over 20% more timber being used within the home than that of many of our competitors who employ a 600mm stud wall spacing method particularly for non-load bearing walls. This method assists with: • A reduced risk of internal walls bowing over time • Helps to reduce plaster cracks appearing due to less movement in the walls given the greater level of timber support sitting behind them • Providing stronger support to the home overall given the increased amount of timber used Nostra Homes believes in quality, in all aspects of our process and it starts with our construction inclusions - we build homes that we are proud to call home ourselves. For more information on our inclusions or to discuss our inclusions in more detail please contact us today via one of our online enquiry forms or on our office number 03 8331 3500.

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