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Nostra Homes

19th of February 2018

The centerpiece for the entire home, your Nostra kitchen is modern and elegant. To meet these exceptional standards, we have included high end stainless steel European appliances as part of our standard range.


Blanco is a well renowned name in the world of cooking, offering Australians an extensive range of European Kitchen Appliances and accessories since 1978, and forging its way through Europe since 1925. Blanco is renowned for creating innovative kitchen appliances that combine contemporary European design with German engineering efficiency. 


Over 85 years of manufacturing competence combined with European design and engineering skills ensures that every Blanco product is of the highest quality - an impeccable design process that we emulate at Nostra Homes. The Blanco range combines an extraordinary balance of form, function and material. At the core of the design process is the end user, and an understanding of how Blanco products are used in the homes of clients. 


As part of your standard inclusions and in every base price you can benefit from the following products:



At 84 litres, this large capacity oven will accommodate even the biggest of meals. The triple layered door with thermo-reflective glass offers not only a cooler to touch surface but also increases the energy efficiency as the heat is retained within the oven. The fully programmable touch control operation enables you to set the start and finish time of your cooking where the oven will automatically switch off when finished. The oven is made so that it's simple to clean. The smooth black enamel is not only easy to clean but also resistant of acidic spills. Offering greater flexibility when cooking. The 5 shelf positions allows for more usable space within the oven.



The smooth one piece hob design makes cleaning the cooktop so much easier, saving time and effort. Simply wipe over with a damp cloth. A conveniently placed WOK burner and Fish/BBQ burner, caters for various cooking needs. High quality burners provide even heat distribution for great cooking results, whilst the 15Mj Wok burner offers powerful cooking for dishes such as stir-frying. A focus on ease of operation, means there is no need for manual ignition, simply twist the knob and the gas connection ignites.



This range hood offers a variety of fan speeds to suit various types of cooking. A ‘clean air function’ can be activated once the rangehood has been turned off. The rangehood will 'activate' for 10 minutes every hour to help reduce lingering cooking odours (after cooking is complete) keep your home smelling optimum. The material finish provides a modern stainless steel aesthetic - adding to the appeal to your kitchen. The 650m3/hr Air Movement means cleaner air and a reduction of condemnation, protecting walls and cabinets. A filter saturation alarm will indicate when the alumni, filer ad carbon filter need to be replaced – ensuring your rangehood is operating at optimum levels. 



A flexible spilt cutlery tray offers the flexibility to use the cutlery basket or to omit it for a larger loading area. Providing ultimate convenience and flexibility. A variable half load function allows for convenience should a quick half load wash be required. 3 types of washing available: top basket only, bottom basket only or both. By using this function you also save on water and energy. Adjustable top basket allows a 31cm plate in the bottom. Top and bottom baskets have adjustable tines which can offer ultimate loading flexibility. Turbo fan capabilities mean drying increases air flow in the dishwasher resulting in dryer dishes. Additional features such as extra hygiene, extra rinse and extra dry options allow you to tailor your washing experience. The program can also be changed to a different program mid cycle should it be required. Allows the consumer extra choice for their wash cycle. Hlanco’s aqua stop and aqua safe anti-flood protection protects your new home, with an in built safety system to avoid water damage just in case of water overflow.


Blanco’s aim is to deliver the best in European styling an quality German craftsmanship with products that have outstanding form, function, innovation and precision. These values are why we have included Blanco as part of our Anything but standard range. 


For more information on our appliances or to discuss our inclusions in more detail please contact us today via one of our online enquiry forms or on our office number 03 8331 3500.