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Nostra Homes

20th of June 2016

Building a new home? There is no need to sacrifice on style when it comes to small spaces. The following space saving tips are not only incredibly efficient, they will make your house look on trend as well!


Fill your home with shelves

Space saving doesn’t have to break the bank. Take a look around your home, whether you live in an older home or new build not every wall is flat and not every room is square. These gaps or cavities are great spots to incorporate more storage and can be filled with shelves or cupboards, or a combination of both! Style these with accessories like ceramics, framed artwork or books for a handy storage solution that will complement the design of your home.


Build cupboards up to the ceiling. 

Utilising the space all the way to your roof is a simple space saver. It may seem impractical because you need a ladder to access the top cupboard, but by using this spot for storing items you only use occasionally you won’t find yourself up a ladder on a daily basis. Items such as suitcases, spare bed linen and bulky items of winter clothing can be stored for many months of the year and easily accessed when required.


Get creative with your vanity. 

Bathrooms are commonly rooms where space is an absolute premium. By building a suspended vanity, floor space is freed up and the whole room is opened. Constructing a mirror that disguises a recessed cabinet also creates handy shelf storage, another excellent space saver! 


Double your options with the classic bunk bed. 

One can't really argue with the practicality of bunk beds; they offer two beds but only occupy the floor-space of one! Haunted by the dated look of pine frames? Well the good news is bunk beds are making a big comeback and there are plenty of cool, creative styles currently available that will fit seamlessly with a stylish home. Think sleek metal frames, with powder coated finishes – wow we have come a long way!


Have a round-table conversation. 

Round dining tables are a great space saving solution for compact or awkward spaces. Their curvy lines are very forgiving – you can easily manoeuvre around the edges and position them tightly in snug corners. They are a less formal look for a dining space, and you can make the most of the entire circumference – no sharp awkward edges, and definitely child friendly!


Get moving: Just add wheels. 

Furniture which you can easily handle and even wheel away is ideal for small spaces. Placing mini food preparation stations on wheels is practical, it enables you to have that added bench space that small kitchens have to sacrifice, and you can pack it out of sight when not in use. These wheeled options are much easier to clean, and you can also quickly clear the room and use it for a different purpose if entertaining guests.