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Nostra Homes

12th of January 2015

Happy New Year!


With our standard inclusions list improved even further with an even better level of standard inclusions than we previously offered we thought this was a good time to write an informative piece on what this all means and what buyers need to look out for when sifting through all of the "jargon" that is in the market place.


Entering the new home buyers market is an exciting time for a potential home buyer, there are the display home visits to entice you on potential designs, facades and inclusions, there are the endless hours spent on builders websites looking at potential options and capabilities and let's not forget the home renovation and improvement shows to give you that added inspiration for your new home. While this is exciting it is also very confusing as you realise that many builders offer different inclusions for various types of homes and ranges. You'll also soon come to see that the price quoted on the brochure or on the website is nowhere near the final quote that you receive when you come to the pointy end of discussions and you may encounter variations post contract as a result of increased site costs. Why?


Unfortunately many builders within the market place offer a very basic level of standard inclusions for their initial advertised or "enquiry level" price. In many cases this will include limited flooring (except for wet areas of the bathrooms, laundry and WC), an entry level M class slab which may not be suited to the soil conditions of your block along with a small allowance for site costs pending a soil test and site survey, limited or no overhead cupboards in your kitchen, no phone and limited television points, the lowest level ceiling height required by law of 2400mm, a garage door that is not remote controlled and much much more.


This requires you to "upgrade" to what are realistically essential items and adds thousands upon thousands to your final price. Many builders will offer some of these items "for free" throughout the year through various promotions in order for you to make a commitment to them and to offer you further perceived value. But these are promoted as "limited time" only in many instances!


Then there are the site costs required for your new home which unless the soil conditions are known by the builder (and you have been offered a fixed price contract upfront) are finalised upon a soil test and a site survey of your block of land which will be conducted once the block is accessible to a geotechnical engineer and land surveyor. Site costs are excavation costs, costs associated with OH&S for the construction and costs associated with building the slab/foundation. 


A soil test is required to determine the final foundation requirements that your home will need based on the type of soil that it will be built on along with the geometry of the block which is determined by a site survey conducted by a land surveyor. It is important to note that soil classifications change within certain areas of Melbourne and can even change from block to block within a street. From this soil test an engineer will determine the requirements of the slab and whether additional support such as adding concrete piering is required in order to support your home. In most cases additional site costs are required and this can add thousands in costs following a site survey and soil test, to make matters worse site costs vary from builder to builder so its important to do your homework.


At Nostra Homes we have through our standard inclusions list tried as hard as possible to offer as much as we can within our base price which will allow you to move into your home upon completion. In terms of site costs once again we may need to conduct a soil test on your land to determine these final costs however through offering a H1 class slab as part of our initial pricing we hope this will provide less of a nasty surprise once costs are determined than many other builders who will initially quote a lower class of slab foundation in preliminary discussions. We also offer fixed price contracts upfront through our Mova by Nostra range where we have a fairly complete understanding of the soil conditions in these areas prior to construction.


Just remember to do your homework and make sure that you understand what is offered for the price advertised and that site costs can and most likely will change pending a soil test and site survey if as in most cases they are required.


Happy House Hunting.


The team at Nostra Homes.