Nostra Notes: Modern doesn't always equal white

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Nostra Homes

23rd of May 2016

Modern doesn't have to mean white. Pairing other muted colours like grey with classic stone can achieve a stylish modern look.


As of late there has been a trend for white in the kitchen, and the idea of white being suited to what one would hope a kitchen should be: sterile. At what point does white become clinical, and clinical become detached? Your home should be a comfortable space, a space in which you are at your most relaxed and content. By bringing colour back into the home you can create ambience and character – integral components to any residential build.  


Traditionally cabinetry has been coloured, then with the advent of modern design we saw a great shift to white, white and white. While leading manufacturers say that white cabinets continue to be the most requested – grey is the shade we’re betting on to break white’s top spot. Pairing soft grey or muted cabinets with richly stained wood or luxurious stone is showcasing a new trend – combining cabinet colours with earthy materials. 


Another trend to look out for is the two tone kitchen cabinets. The two-tone look is where the top cabinets are a different colour to the base cabinetry. The trick to making this swoon-worthy style work is by having either the tops or the bottoms in a totally neutral colour. If you go for a soft grey bottom then stick to white/wood tone on the uppers. Balance is the key here. Also remember though, painting can be affordable so if you have unattractive cabinets that you can’t bear to look at, paint them instead of replacing them. It’s still the most cost effective way to bring your kitchen back to life.


Black is back! Homeowners have been horrified of this colour for some time now – but its back even if its slightly more charcoal in appearance. This trend is great paired with a lot a natural elements and whites in the space to keep it from feeling too dark. Just a tip: make sure your kitchen has enough natural light before you go to the darkside, or maybe just paint the base cabinets for a hint of black. Still worried? You can also simply invest in small pops of black like a statement kettle or pendant light!


If you can’t seem to escape the pull of a classic white cabinet, consider bringing colour into your kitchen in other ways. White cabinetry can get a complete makeover when a blue, beige or green splash back rises from the countertops. Going for a colourful tile can bring texture and warmth to a kitchen splash back, if minimal is more your style then a simple tinted thermal glass may be just what you need. At our Nostra Select Showroom, we have access to a broad range of glass colours in both standard and premium finishes – from ‘Moonlight’ silver to mirrored surfaces like ‘Jupiter’ you are sure to find a colour that represents your personal style. Want more tips on building homes in Melbourne? Like our Facebook page and stay up to date with our Nostra Notes series!